The Bigness Band



Run! Run! (Escape Anthem), the first single from Philadelphia-based indie rock group The Bigness’ forthcoming album Time Traveler, is the summer road trip track we’ve all been waiting for. Filled with the group’s famous folky vocals and classical rock beats, the song breathes new life into the indie rock genre.”

–Geyser Music


The Bigness draws its inspiration from the greats, such as Patti Smith, Neil Young and many others, and has been compared to a modern-day, leading-edge version of Fleetwood Mac. Lead singer Kristin Bigness delivers a soaring yet sultry vocal on a bed of screaming guitars and pick-driven bass plucking, all woven around captivating rock drums. Influences are diverse if not legendary, including PJ Harvey, Land of Talk, Pavement, Big Star, and Tom Waits.


The Bigness is:

KRISTIN BIGNESS: Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
JOHN BUENO: Lead Guitar, Backup Vocal
DAVID KOVACH: Drums, Backup Vocal
STEPHEN MAURER: Bass, Backup Vocal